Security Service of Ukraine detained a missile corrector in Lviv


The Security Service of Ukraine detained a traitor who carried out subversive activities in the interests of the Special services of Russian Federation and corrected missile attacks in the Lviv region.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine of the Lviv region

Details: Counterintelligence found that the malefactor passed information to occupiers intelligence about the results of missile attacks in Lviv.

He also collected analytical data and reported the need to strike at other critical and defence infrastructure. These “recommendations” of the traitor gave the aggressors the opportunity to strike with greater damage and get the necessary visual analysis.

Will you tell me what else to see? If necessary, I can go down in the morning and take pictures,” the traitor wrote to his curators.

The investigation established that in addition to adjusting the fire, the man collected and passed information about the location of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces checkpoints.

He was handed over as a suspect under the article “Treason.”

Background: back in March, Russian troops have carried out a missile attack on Lviv airport.

Also, several Russian missiles hit the aircraft repair plant.

On the morning of 18 April, the Russian army carried out five missile strikes on Lviv, four of which damaged the city and caused a fire. Several rockets fell near railway facilities.