Security Service of Ukraine publishes a conversation in which a Russian woman calls for the torture of Ukrainian children


The Security Service of Ukraine is publishing evidence that some of Russia’s “civilians” are encouraging their soldiers to kill and torture Ukrainian children.

Source: another of the occupier’s conversations intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine 

Details: This shocking conversation was reportedly intercepted by the Security Service near Kharkiv, where the occupier was talking with his wife from Russia on the phone. She lives in a city on the border with Ukraine, where Ukrainian citizens are being forcibly evacuated.

Quote: “This female creature was outraged that Ukrainian children had refused to draw symbols for the celebration of Victory Day, so she was proposing to punish them with inhuman torture.

‘I’d inject them with drugs if I worked [there], I’d look into their eyes and say: “Suffer and die.” I’d cut their genitals and cut out stars on their backs, and I’d cut off an ear or a finger each day, so that it would really hurt them’, the Ruscist woman said.

These words seemed to shock even the occupier and he did not know what to say…

One thing is clear: ‘RuZZian peace’ is modern-day Nazism, whatever the slogans and goals it hides behind. That is why we must protect our homeland from it.”