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Adding New Talent? 16 Key Steps Before Hiring

Adding New Talent? 16 Key Steps Before Hiring

Small businesses are like a family in a lot of ways. The members that make up the operating staff are as close as people who grew up together. But every business starts expanding sooner or later, and its responsibilities require more skills and attention than the small initial staff can offer. The result is that the business owner needs to look at hiring new people.

However, just because someone has the necessary qualifications does not mean they will be a good fit with your tight-knit team. Before hiring new personnel, you should think more about your company’s internal culture. The new hires will need to mesh with the existing company culture or else tensions will rise. As such, there are several other factors you should consider before hiring someone to your growing business. Below, 16 business owners from Forbes Business Council explore what you should keep in mind when hiring new talent.

1. Ensure Work Environment Match

When adding to their team, I believe the most crucial step an entrepreneur should take is analyzing their work environment and matching it with the history of the applicants. From my past experience, some of the internationally qualified managers that I hired in my first year as CEO were not able to instruct or communicate clearly with the local staff and field workers at our rurally located power plant. – Akshay Chawla, SPARK Green Energy Ahmednagar Pvt Ltd

2. Hire People Better Than You

Make sure to hire people who are better than yourself. This is by far your most important mission in order to grow your business. It might also be the trickiest part, which means you need to put lots

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