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It’s not just you, Adobe Creative Cloud is down right now

It’s not just you, Adobe Creative Cloud is down right now

A big surge of problems has been reported on Downdetector and Twitter.

What you need to know

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is down right now.
  • Users are reporting problems logging in to the service.
  • Adobe has confirmed the issue and says it is working on a fix.

Adobe has confirmed its Creative Cloud service is experiencing a ‘major’ outage at this time, affecting numerous Adobe products across the globe.

From Downdetector:

Users trying to sign in are met with the following error message:

Something went wrong

An unknown error has occurred. Here’s the error code if you want to contact customer support

As of 10:30 am ET, Adobe Care said the following:

Hi there, we’re so sorry for the trouble. Our teams are investigating the issue and working to get this resolved ASAP. For real-time updates, check Thanks! ^SJ

Adobe has confirmed the issue on its status.adobe website. It says there is a ‘Major issue’ with Creative Cloud, Adobe Services, Experience Cloud, and the Adobe Experience Platform, impacting a wide number of products. The Creative Cloud/Adobe Services outage pertains to the Americas, according to the website, whilst the Experience Cloud/Adobe Experienced Platform outage appears much more widespread.

Adobe hasn’t given an update on how long this might take, but we’ll keep you updated with any developments.

In a bizarre twist of irony, users are unable to login to Adobe’s status website in order to subscribe to updates regarding

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