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Instant analysis: Auburn beats Arkansas 30-28

Instant analysis: Auburn beats Arkansas 30-28

Auburn eked out a win over Chad Morris’s former team when it beat Arkansas 30-28.

With home field advantage and a weaker opponent than Georgia, Auburn looked much improved to start the game. But as the minutes passed, some of the same issues from the previous weeks revealed themselves again.

After two games where the Tigers defense could not get off the field on third downs, it came out and forced a three-and-out. Through the entire first quarter, it held Arkansas to drives that lasted five plays or less, accumulating three three-and-outs and two sacks.

The weather had a more visible effect on the offense, which had several dropped passes and slips. However, Auburn’s rushers dominated the field, accumulating more rushing yards in the first half (215 yards) than in their last three games combined.

Auburn built an eight-point, 20-12 lead by halftime and led 260 yards to 203 yards.

However, when it came back out, its offensive line struggles became more evident. Auburn built momentum on its first drive, but it was quickly killed when the Razorbacks broke through the offensive line and sacked quarterback Bo Nix twice in a row. Meanwhile, Arkansas’ offense put together a 13-play, 85-yard touchdown drive. A failed two-point conversion saved Auburn from losing its lead.

The Tigers gained a momentum boost when they started the fourth quarter by scoring a touchdown on the first play. But the defense didn’t feed off that momentum and allowed Arkansas to march straight down the field into the red zone. It held the Razorbacks to a field goal on that drive, but allowed them to score on the next drive.

The defense finally tightened up on its last and most important chance. With just a few minutes left and down one point, 27-28, it stifled all of

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