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Investor’s Business Daily Editorial Misrepresents Study To Declare Vegetation Will Stop Dangerous Local weather Change Local weather

Investor’s Business Daily Editorial Misrepresents Study To Declare Vegetation Will Stop Dangerous Local weather Change Local weather

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Berry Creative designs Climate Change stamps with heat-reactive ink

Berry Creative designs Climate Change stamps with heat-reactive ink

These stamps by Finnish studio Berry Creative feature images of birds and snow clouds that turn into skeletons and thunderstorms when heated to send a message about the consequences of climate change.

Commissioned by the Finnish Post, the Climate Change Stamps aim to offer an innovative way of communicating the negative effects that rising temperatures will have on Finland.

Berry Creative designs Climate Change stamps with heat-reactive ink
Berry Creative’s stamps aim to raise awareness on climate change

The stamps feature three base designs: a snow cloud, a depiction of limited immigration, and a bird. These images are printed as black silhouettes against coloured gradient backgrounds.

Printed in colour-transforming ink that reacts to heat, these symbols change from black to clear when warmed up by being rubbed with a finger, revealing additional designs underneath.

Berry Creative designs Climate Change stamps with heat-reactive ink
The stamps are printed with heat-reactive ink

The snow cloud transforms into a thunderstorm to represent the loss of winter snowfall, while the depiction of immigration turns to mass migration as climate refugees are forced to leave their homes and relocate.

The bird is also made to turn into a skeleton, as a representation of the extinction of many of Finland’s native species.

These hidden images reveal what the future will look like “if we don’t act fast to fight climate change”.

“Unlike the effect in the stamp, climate change is not reversible,” said the studio.

Berry Creative designs Climate Change stamps with heat-reactive ink
When heated with a finger, the stamps reveal hidden images

As the studio explained, the stamps each have jagged edges and eye-catching colour gradients in order to create a sense of urgency.

“I wanted to play on very alarming imagery,” creative director of Berry Creative Timo Berry told Dezeen.

Pablo Dorigo Sempere turns Venice canal algae into postage stamps

“Usually I like to communicate an alternative, a way to go forward, not just point on a particular problem, but

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HP’s CEO on how the pandemic is accelerating change in technology and business

HP’s CEO on how the pandemic is accelerating change in technology and business

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Enrique Lores wearing a suit and tie: HP Ceo Enrique Lores on Leadership Next

© David Pollar—Getty Images
HP Ceo Enrique Lores on Leadership Next

“We are witnessing the dawn of a new age,” HP CEO Enrique Lores said at the company’s Reinvent conference this year. Many of the changes that business leaders planned to transition into over the next few years are here now, and they’re being accepted seamlessly due to the pandemic from constant video conferencing to working from home. 


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On the latest episode of “Leadership Next,” the Fortune podcast about the changing roles of business leadership, Lores tells cohosts Alan Murray and Ellen McGirt that the fast pace of change has affected not only business and technology, but also the personal lives of employees and managers alike. That, he says, necessitates the development of a more approachable style of leadership across the company at this time when so many lives are more complicated and more stressful than ever. 

And prioritizing those changes, along with the employees that they will serve, does not mean that profit takes a back seat, Lores said, adding that leaders should not feel the need to choose between short-term results and long-term contributions to the world. “I firmly believe you can do both, and we are proving that you can do both.”

And though HP’s stock is down since the pandemic started, Lores assures Murray and McGirt that the business remains strong, with opportunities in areas like education and 3D printing on the horizon. 

To learn more about what HP is doing to negate its environmental impact and Lores’ approach to diversity and inclusion within the company, tune into the latest episode of “Leadership Next” at the link below or wherever you get

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Financial markets have waited patiently for fiscal stimulus. That might change soon

Financial markets have waited patiently for fiscal stimulus. That might change soon

The headlines make the situation seem like a curiosity.

For investors, Wall Street analysts, and even some financial journalists, the reality of the damage to the economy, several weeks after the initial round of fiscal support expired, may indeed seem like a spectacle.

But it’s not that way for millions of Americans out of work or struggling to pay the rent or buy food in the wake of this year’s coronavirus pandemic.

It may not need saying that the longer the economy goes without another financial aid package, the worse the situation may become. But some analysts increasingly think it will also soon start to make an impact where it cannot be ignored: in the financial markets.

“Stimulus is the wrong word for this,” said David Rosenberg, a long-time strategist now running his own firm, Rosenberg Research. “This not classic Keynesian stimulus. It’s a lifeline to get us through. The stimulus has become what the Phase One Trade deal was last year.”

Week after week, roughly 800,000 Americans file for first-time jobless benefits, the springtime Congressional stimulus money has run out, and things are generally growing more dire for businesses and households, Rosenberg thinks. “If they don’t pass some sort of bill quickly, how many businesses will go under, how many missed payments will we see on rent, debt service, and utilities? The next few months are really critical. I’m quite amazed that there’s quibbling over a hundred billion dollars here and there with so much at stake.”

See: Yes, the U.S. economy really does need more fiscal stimulus – and the stock market knows it

It’s important to note that Rosenberg and other analysts do believe that some sort of stimulus package will be enacted eventually. And so does the stock market, which has been gravitating toward areas investors

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How a Biden Presidency Could Change the Housing Market

How a Biden Presidency Could Change the Housing Market

A man and woman carrying boxes into the kitchen of their new home.

Image source: Getty Images

The United States is deep in the throes of a housing crisis. There’s a shortage of affordable homes for low-income families, and tens of millions of Americans spend more than 30% of their income on housing. To that end, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has some ideas on how to change the housing market for the better. Here are some highlights from his campaign.

1. Protect homeowners from abusive lending practices

Unfortunately, some mortgage lenders are known to engage in practices that hurt homeowners financially. Biden proposes a new Homeowner and Renter Bill of Rights that seeks to prevent mortgage brokers from charging borrowers more than what’s appropriate (which generally occurs by jacking up their closing costs and fees). The Bill of Rights will also protect homeowners in the process of loan modification from foreclosure and give homeowners a clear path of recourse when lenders attempt to violate these protections.

2. Protect renters from abusive landlords

The aforementioned Bill of Rights will help renters, too. Landlords will not be allowed to discriminate against tenants who are receiving federal housing benefits. Furthermore, Biden’s plan will provide legal assistance to tenants facing eviction.

3. End discriminatory practices in the housing market

Redlining, or denying mortgages in specific communities due to their demographics, has long been a problem. Biden seeks to end that practice. He wants legislation that requires any state that receives certain federal grants to develop inclusionary zoning policies.

Along these lines, Biden wants to hold financial institutions accountable for discriminatory lending practices. That way, borrowers of all backgrounds and from all communities have a chance at financing a home. This standard will apply to non-bank lenders as well.

Biden also envisages a national standard for home appraisals. It’s often easier to sell or refinance a mortgage on

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