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Is your life insurance cover adequate? Find out

Is your life insurance cover adequate? Find out

Having inadequate life insurance protection could be as devastating for your dependent family members as not having a life insurance cover at all. If you don’t have any life insurance cover, you may identify your insurance requirement and get the appropriate product. But if your life insurance size is inadequate, you may not know it until you review it correctly.

a close up of an umbrella: Insurance needs change with changes in age, income, expenses, debt, lifestyle, inflation, etc.; and you need to factor in these changes and top-up your insurance purchases.

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Insurance needs change with changes in age, income, expenses, debt, lifestyle, inflation, etc.; and you need to factor in these changes and top-up your insurance purchases.

Hence, it’s essential to understand why you may still be underinsured, how it may impact your family’s financial future and how much protection would you require for adequate coverage.

How to determine adequate cover size

One of the key purposes of a life insurance policy is to ensure financial support to the insured’s dependent family members after his or her death. There are various ways to ascertain the financial need from the insurance point of view; however, the thumb rule is to have life cover of at least 10 times your current annual income. Meaning, if your current annual income is Rs 10 lakh, you should have a life insurance cover worth at least Rs 1 crore. If your cover is less than Rs 1 crore, you are underinsured. Another method to ascertain your life insurance requirement is using the Human Life Value (HLV) method. Under the HLV method, you need to consider your current income, expenses, expected future responsibilities, and goals to determine the insurance need. You may take the help of any HLV calculator available online.

Why your life cover may be inadequate

There are several reasons why your insurance cover may prove to be inadequate. If you have taken your life insurance several years back

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Local Residents Find Creative Ways to Spark Joy This Halloween | Kndu

Local Residents Find Creative Ways to Spark Joy This Halloween | Kndu


Halloween is only a few weeks away and people in the Tri-Cities are finding ways to celebrate the holiday while the pandemic is still part of life.

Olivia Paz is the creator of Tri-Cities 1st Annual Halloween Light Show.

“There was a lot of talk about Halloween being cancelled, about people not to get their hopes up because they wouldn’t be able to do anything and it was just really depressing,” said Paz.

So Olivia had the idea for the light show.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we had an event that people could go around and look at some really cool Halloween decorations and lights,” said Paz.

Since she started her website and Facebook page, she says the response has been extremely positive.

In West Richland, one woman is celebrating the good this Halloween. Tia Jensen is focusing on helpers and heroes instead of horror.

“There’s a lot of good people in the world that are willing to step up and help. I wanted to recognize firefighters, essential workers, teachers, zoom teachers, blood donors–everyone that’s made a difference in the past year,” said Jensen.

In 2018, Tia was diagnosed with Leukemia while she was preparing for Halloween and spent a year recovering. Now, she’s back and ready to celebrate Halloween after two years of not being able to.

“This Halloween, I’m lucky to be alive. I really shouldn’t be here. I’m only here because of the doctors and the healthcare workers and everyone who came forward to helps save my life,” said Jensen.

She has found ways of sparking joy while also keeping safety in mind.

“I know how to be contactless, I know how to be socially distanced. And I can still set up a scene where it can still be a gift to the community

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Top Ways To Find Affordable Car Insurance

Top Ways To Find Affordable Car Insurance

Press release content from Accesswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2020 / ( ) has launched a new blog post that presents several tips that can help drivers obtain cheaper car insurance.

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When owning a vehicle, owning car insurance is essential. However, car insurance can be expensive. In some cases, drivers can pay more for insurance than they do for the car itself. Finding a policy with the right coverage and at an affordable price can seem difficult for most drivers. However, the perfect policy can be found after applying some tips and tricks.

Drivers looking to pay less on their insurance premiums should consider following the next useful tips:

  • Shop around. By doing so, policyholders can compare different plans from various providers and they can see what insurance prices are in their areas. Shopping around can also help to discover smaller, local insurers who might offer the same services, but at lower costs than larger, big-name insurance companies. Drivers should shop around after they move to a new state, city, or even a new neighborhood. Major life events such as getting married, college graduation, and other events can have an impact on insurance premiums and drivers should check the insurance market.
  • Look for discounts. A good insurance agent will know the policies they offer inside and out, and they might be able to find obscure discounts or other deals that their customers can take advantage of. Discounts such as the ones offered for good grades students, clean driving record, or good credit score can help to get a lower insurance premium.
  • Bundle different policies together. This is another great method
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How to find and land new business and make sales in a virtual world

How to find and land new business and make sales in a virtual world

  • Now that the pandemic’s thrown a wrench in meetups and in-person gatherings, businesses will have to adjust their plans to find and pitch customers from home.
  • Seven business owners and coaches shared tips with Business Insider on successfully growing a business remotely.
  • You can start by tapping into your existing network or revisiting connections you’ve lost along the way.
  • Offer free time and resources to struggling clients — being generous during a difficult time deepens relationships and referrals. 
  • If you’re looking to add to your clientele, interact with potential clients in online communities and home in on a compelling, tight pitch to immediately capture interest. 
  • This article is part of a series called Resources for Resilience, focused on providing tips and inspiration for small businesses who are learning how to survive and thrive in today’s economy.

When all the spring conferences, trade shows, and networking events were canceled, it was undoubtedly a blow to small business owners looking to connect with new customers — but we all figured we’d make up for lost time with a networking marathon in the fall. 

Now that it’s looking like in-person events won’t be a thing for quite a while, it’s time to adjust our plan and figure out what business development looks like in a totally virtual world. 

To get you started, Business Insider gathered tons of ideas from business owners and coaches on how to successfully find and pitch potential customers while working from home. 

Tap the people who already know you

If you’re finding it harder to make new business connections because you’re stuck on your couch, turn to the ones you already have. It could take the form of an email you send out to all your current and past clients and other professional connections reminding them what you have

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Nashville Artists Find Creative Ways To Support Music City

Nashville Artists Find Creative Ways To Support Music City

“Ever since I was a little girl, Nashville was somewhere I wanted to be,” enthuses Kalie Shorr, the singer-songwriter who released her new album Open Book in September, “I heard ‘Long Time Gone’ by the Chicks and knew I had to go to Nashville, just like the person in the song. From the offices on Music Row to the bars in East Nashville, music is everywhere in Nashville.”

Shorr’s love of the city inspired her to participate in Music City Bandwidth, a local initiative that offers worldwide music fans the chance to enjoy free virtual concerts directly from some of the most iconic, independent spots in Nashville. It began in September and will continue through the month of October. The Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp partnered with Nashville’s Music Venue Alliance to create Music City Bandwidth presented by Jack Daniel’s. The idea is simple. They aim to help independent music venues and Nashville-based musicians thrive in the face of the severe setbacks they may be facing during the pandemic. Also, hopefully, enjoying this slice of musical life from Nashville will inspire people to once again visit the city when it is safe to travel again in the future.

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