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The New Home Company Reports Selected 2020 Third Quarter Preliminary Results

The New Home Company Reports Selected 2020 Third Quarter Preliminary Results

The New Home Company Inc. (NYSE: NWHM) today announced selected preliminary results for the 2020 third quarter. These estimated results are preliminary and unaudited.

Preliminary 2020 Third Quarter Financial Highlights (Estimated Results)

  • Net new orders of 251 as compared to 124 in the 2019 third quarter, a 102% increase

  • Monthly sales absorption of 3.5 per community as compared to 2.0 per community in the 2019 third quarter, a 75% increase

  • September net new orders of 99, a 106% increase compared to September 2019

  • Homes in backlog of 329 homes, representing $207.1 million in backlog value, as compared to 207 homes at the end of the 2019 third quarter, a 59% increase

  • Ending actively selling community count of 25, a 14% increase compared to the end of the 2019 third quarter

  • Homes sales revenue of $117.4 million as compared to $118.8 million for the 2019 third quarter

    • Deliveries of 157 as compared to 124 in the 2019 third quarter, a 27% increase

    • Average sales price of $748,000 as compared to $958,000 in the 2019 third quarter

  • Fee building revenues of $13.4 million as compared to $22.3 million for the 2019 third quarter

  • Cash and cash equivalents of $126.4 million as of September 30, 2020 as compared to $85.6 million as of June 30, 2020

  • Total debt, net of $290.3 million as compared to $327.4 million as of September 30, 2019

“The New Home Company continues to benefit from an incredibly strong housing market, as September’s order activity represented the highest monthly net order total in our company’s history driven by a monthly sales absorption rate of 4.0 per community,” said New Home Company CEO Leonard Miller. “Our preliminary results in the third quarter were also positively impacted by our ongoing shift to more affordable product, which helped push our monthly sales

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Where This Creative Finds Color Inspo For Her Home

Where This Creative Finds Color Inspo For Her Home

When Nikia Phoenix decided to move from her light and airy home in Los Angeles to Atlanta, she knew it would be a challenge to find just the right space to fit her spirit. “As a content creator, so much of my art would be created from my home, so it would need to be a place that reflected both comfort and artistic expression,” she said. What she found was a charming home with a ton of character that “just needed some love and a few good coats of paint.”

The model, creator, meditation and Reiki practitioner, and podcast host took her time filling her new home with items of personal significance (see: her grandfather’s denim jacket from the ’70s, a pine branch to remind her of her native South Carolina), natural textures, and beachy shades, with color playing a huge part in how she was going to make the space feel like home. “Color to me translates into peace and freedom of expression,” Niki said. “I am so heavily influenced by the color of a room. It sets my mood. Color lets me know if this is a room I can relax in or play in or even get down to business in. Color is a reflection of who we are.”

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We Like Our Health Insurance And Working From Home

We Like Our Health Insurance And Working From Home

Jan Dubauskas is the Vice President of

We have experienced a lot of change throughout the course of the pandemic that has required us to reconsider our priorities and become nimble in the way we work and how we reach out to our clients. Many were skeptical that these changes would lead to similar productivity. However, as we prioritize our health during the pandemic, working from home has become important, and many (24%, according to CNBC) have adapted so well that they want to keep doing it.

When we first started working from home, the primary concern for many was to set up an office, retain camaraderie, and continue meeting with clients. During the spring, as I watched as annual springtime conferences got canceled or sent to an online format, I keenly felt the void previously filled by those intense social interactions. It seemed that with a bit of luck, the shutdowns would pass and we would return to our normal activity. But as the pandemic stretched into the summer and many lost their jobs due to the pandemic, it dawned on all of us that we are approaching a different way of working that will likely have lasting impacts.

Before the pandemic, workers appreciated but likely undervalued their employer-sponsored health benefits. In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many health insurance companies quickly adjusted their benefits packages to ensure coverage for Covid-19 testing and more. So with general health and fear of illness weighing heavily on our minds, health insurance during a pandemic has become a vital benefit. And in a recent survey from my company, 64% of respondents rated their health insurance coverage as “excellent” or “good.”

The economic slowdown to curb the virus could cause approximately 27 million Americans to lose employer-sponsored health insurance during

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Is Home Insurance Required When You Buy a House?

Is Home Insurance Required When You Buy a House?

If you’re buying a home, one question you might wonder is this: Is home insurance required when you own a house?

In many cases, homeowners insurance is indeed mandatory—and even in cases where it isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s still a good idea. To help you understand why, we’ve put together this Home Buyer’s Guide to Home Insurance, which will help walk you through what you need to know from beginning to end.

In this first article, we’ll introduce you to what homeowners insurance is, why it’s often essential, and what can go wrong if you don’t have it.

What is homeowners insurance?

With home insurance, as with other types of coverage (including health insurance), you pay a relatively small amount of money either monthly or annually in exchange for the promise that your provider will help you pay for unexpected costs you might incur as a homeowner.

What can go wrong? So much, including natural disasters, fires, crimes, accidents, and other emergencies, many of which can be expensive to fix. Without home insurance, you run the risk of getting stuck with a bill that could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Home insurance offers protection and peace of mind that you won’t get hit with expenses that might be hard to pay on your own.

Why you need home insurance with a mortgage

If you need a mortgage on your home, most lenders will require you to get home insurance before they approve your loan and close the deal.

The reason: By loaning you money for the house, lenders are also investing in your property. If this investment suddenly plummets in value—since, say, a tornado turned it into a pile of rubble—it’s in your lender’s interests for you to have a home insurance plan that will rebuild

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Fuss-free Home Protection Plan With Extras

Fuss-free Home Protection Plan With Extras

Simple and elegant plan that’s likely to appeal to first-time homeowners or renters. 

Home protection insurance can be complicated, what with different claims limits and categories of claims. 

It can be easy to sign up for a plan with a face cover value in the millions, yet have insufficient cover for professional fees – for instance, by surveyors or architects hired to reinstate your building.

Etiqa Tiq Home Insurance offers a simple way to ensure sufficient cover for your valuables, debris disposal and professional fees, by setting them at a percentage of your sums insured. 

This results in a fuss-free policy that only requires you to choose your sums insured for contents and renovation. 

Let’s have a closer look at Etiqa Tiq Home Insurance. 

Pros and cons of Etiqa Tiq Home Insurance

Pros Cons
Easy-to-navigate plan with comprehensive cover Emergency cash allowance may be reduced according to the state of your premises
Sums insured tailored to typical needs, useful guide for new homeowners Emergency home assistance only included for plans 3 years or more
Base plan includes useful cover like emergency cash, ATM fraud, conservancy charges and more Maximum claim of $200 per piece for works of art, paintings, fine glassware and crystal, tapestries, antiques and other collectibles
Competitively priced and affordable

Key features of Etiqa Tiq Home Insurance

#1: Easy to navigate and understand

Etiqa Tiq Home Insurance is designed to help homeowners and tenants get adequate home insurance cover without tripping over the details. For example, cover for debris disposal and professional fees are tagged at 10% of sum insured for renovation and/or building, instead of a fixed amount which may prove to be insufficient. 

Similarly, cover for personal valuables is tagged at 30% of the sum insured for contents insurance. However, there’s a deductible of the first

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