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A prolonged COVID-19 pandemic could lead to a sharp correction in the stock market, IMF warns

A prolonged COVID-19 pandemic could lead to a sharp correction in the stock market, IMF warns

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  • Should the COVID-19 pandemic continue for longer than expected, the economic consequences will likely lead to a sharp correction in global stocks, the IMF warned on Tuesday.
  • Extraordinary policy measures from governments around the world helped stem the decline in stocks since the initial February decline, but underlying economic conditions remain weak and the future outlook is highly uncertain, the IMF said. 
  • Investor worry over a potential prolonged COVID-19 pandemic could have been heightened on Tuesday after Johnson & Johnson paused its phase III vaccine trial due to an unexpected illness.
  • As long as investor optimism over easy fiscal and monetary policy continues, stocks can stay elevated for some time, but a significantly delayed economic recovery due to the persistence of COVID-19 could put a serious dent in that optimism, according to the IMF.
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The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated economic decline led to a sizable stock market correction that was stabilized thanks to extraordinary fiscal and monetary policy measures from governments around the world.

But there’s a real financial disconnect between the stock market and the economy, and while the disconnect could narrow if a swift and sustainable economic recovery materializes, the opposite could happen if the economic recovery is delayed due to it taking longer to get COVID-19 under control, the IMF warned on Tuesday.

“As long as investors believe that markets will continue to benefit from policy support, asset valuations may stay elevated for some time. Nonetheless, and especially if the economic recovery is delayed, there is a risk of a sharp adjustment in asset prices or periodic bouts of volatility,” the IMF said. 

Easy monetary policies like low interest rates and the buying of distressed assets, combined with fiscal stimulus, helped maintain the flow

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How Digital Technology Could Lead The ‘New Business Normal’ In Latin America

How Digital Technology Could Lead The ‘New Business Normal’ In Latin America

Managing Director & Founder of the Biz Latin Hub Group.

The most significant technological advancements that currently shape our society and economy have emerged from challenging times. The internet, for example — without which our daily life as we know it would be possible — emerged in light of the Cold War, after the United States Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and MIT scientists invented a method to prevent communications from being affected in the event of an attack.

According to the UN, a report from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean found that the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to result in the loss of 8.5 million jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has produced new realities through which life and business have managed to get ahead. Digital technology has proven to be the great ally of humanity, facilitating the adaptation of economies and businesses to the “new normal,” a term that is commonly overused and yet mostly still unknown.

Currently, I expect the technology sector in Latin America to grow considerably, as it appears to be a key solution for businesses to evolve with changing social and economic contexts brought about by this pandemic. Technology stands as an industry that could lead the region’s “new business normal.”

The digital revolution is a call for Latin American business resilience.

After governments in the region announced measures to counteract the contagion of the virus, companies of all sizes have reportedly started realizing the importance of digital technology for applications like e-commerce. Technology enables them to adapt to a new business ecosystem in which interacting with clients can no longer be the same.

As I expected, the industries of e-commerce, streaming services, online education and health, food delivery and technological financial services (fintech) have grown

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Nasdaq soars as tech stocks lead a market rally

Nasdaq soars as tech stocks lead a market rally

Wall Street rallied Monday with tech stocks leading the way. All three major stock indexes soared higher.

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The Nasdaq Composite was the strongest performer, rallying 3.2% in the mid-afternoon.


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The Dow was up 1.1%, or 300 points, and the S&P 500 climbed 2%.

All three benchmarks inched closer to record territory once again. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 stand to beat their closing level from early September, the Dow’s last record finish was in pre-pandemic times.

Shares of Apple were among the top performers in both indexes. The tech giant is slated to announce its new iPhone on Tuesday after weeks of pandemic-related delays. Apple stock traded nearly 7% higher.

Meanwhile, shares of Nasdaq-listed software company Twilio rallied more almost 8% after the company announced its intention to buy data start-up Segment for $3.2 billion.

Software stocks look to be getting out of the rut that dominated tech stocks in September, said Paul Hickey from Bespoke, and Monday’s rally is proof of that.

Otherwise, the Columbus Day holiday on Monday meant a more quiet day in terms of economic news, but third quarter earnings season is just around the corner. The season kicks off with America’s big banks, including Citigroup and JPMorgan starting to report on Tuesday.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs think earnings will paint an uneven picture of corporate America, as some businesses recovered from a disastrous second quarter while others are still struggling.

Besides earnings, the election is also fast approaching with only three weeks left to go.

“Investors are focused on the implications of a ‘Blue Wave’ election given that the probability of a Democratic sweep has climbed to 60% from 47% one month ago,” the analysts said in a note to clients.

Investors will also have to keep an eye

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Caesars Sports Betting Bid On William Hill Could Lead To Market Share Dominance (NASDAQ:CZR)

Caesars Sports Betting Bid On William Hill Could Lead To Market Share Dominance (NASDAQ:CZR)

“Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time” Jamie Dimon CEO JPMorgan Chase

Caesars Entertainment Corp’s (CZR) move last week to acquire William Hill PLC (WMH) is a classic play right out of the Jamie Dimon playbook as noted in the above quote. You can impose any number of standard metrics to the proposed deal that translate to a stock that is forecasted by analysts to run a wild best case worse case gauntlet between $54 and $75 a share going forward. In brief, the questions fairly asked here if you go by familiar data points this this: Is CZR grabbing for seconds before it digests its first main dish? Does a case of indigestion await management? Taking on $17.3b in debt to buy CZR is one thing. Then in fast order, reach for a UK sports betting giant in a deal now valued at $3.7b is quite markets>williamhill>backs>caesars

Or is it? We’t think this big appetite reach by CZR is all about strategy, not financial engineering.

ChartData by YCharts

It is an example of a clear headed vision that will be transformative. It’s a perfectly logical move made with speed and daring at a time when many observers felt, that El Dorado (ERI) would be too busy digesting and deleveraging CZR to do anything dramatic on its sport betting business but possibly spin it off. This is not a numbers cruncher’s exercise. There are financial aspects of this deal that can be head scratchers. This is all about recognizing and acting swiftly when you know you have a hot hand. CZR has a hot hand.

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Lead Generation Solutions During Economic Hardships

Lead Generation Solutions During Economic Hardships

Jessica is a digital expert & founder of Valux, LLC, a digital marketing company that helps businesses complete the digital transformation.

It’s no secret to businesses of all sizes that the Covid-19 pandemic has been detrimental to the economy’s health. We’re facing the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Bringing in new business isn’t easy during a thriving economy, let alone during a recession. Potential consumers and clients tend to choose what they invest in more carefully, think more about purchases and take longer to buy.

It’s time to think outside the typical cold call and poorly targeted ad approach that many companies take when they’ve got the “extra” money to spend. Digital marketing is a powerful addition to your lead generation efforts, and your entire campaign must be executed flawlessly to prevent wasting money and time.

Ask Your Digital Marketing Team To Target Your Cold Calls

There is nothing wrong with a traditional, sales-driven cold call. Family-owned businesses and large corporations have been generating leads this way for many years because it works. If you work with a digital marketing team to formulate your campaign, ask them to help you aim your cold calls rather than replacing them.

When implemented correctly, digital marketing research will target the cold call clients your business should be contacting, instead of using a time-wasting hit-or-miss method. By doing so, you can streamline your process, your contacts and your time.

Let The Uptick In Internet Use Work In Your Favor

Humans everywhere found themselves suddenly thrust into a work-from-home environment during the pandemic. My company is an integrated sales and marketing service provider, and many of our clients are facing the same challenge: The work-from-home schedule makes it harder to reach the decision-maker. This is one of the reasons why, when

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