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Asia Leading The Economic Recovery As Western World Still Hunkering Down

Asia Leading The Economic Recovery As Western World Still Hunkering Down

Asian manufacturing, led by China and India, is on the upswing as numerous restrictions remain in important U.S. states like California, and the U.K.

Last week’s manufacturing PMI data showed there is a global rebound in activity that continued into September as lockdown restrictions are lifted, primarily in Asia. Manufacturing PMIs have broadly moved higher into expansionary territory globally, and that does include here at home. Improvements in domestic and external demand are the drivers.

Business sentiment in Asia are improving more than they are in any other emerging market, supported by the reopening of India even as the coronavirus case load remains high. Death tolls and hospital rates remain manageable enough to lift restrictions, even as some have argued that India was doing so too soon.

Strong demand for goods from China, either on the export side, or from local demand, is helping with the global recovery story. China will be the only G20 nation to post positive GDP numbers at year’s end, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Continuing improvement in new orders, boosted by pent-up demand, low inventory levels and a recovery in international trade, should help keep that momentum in manufacturing for the rest of the year, says

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Leading TikToker Jannat Mirza supports ban on TikTok

Leading TikToker Jannat Mirza supports ban on TikTok

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked popular video sharing application, TikTok, for failing to remove “immoral” content on Friday, October 9, 2020.

“In view of the number of complaints from different segments of the society against immoral/indecent content on the video-sharing application TikTok, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued instructions for blocking the application,” the authority said in its official notification.

Leading Pakistani TikToker Janat Mirza has voiced her opinion over the recent ban on the social app, reported Express Pk. Surprisingly, Mirza has supported the ban on TikTok in Pakistan. “I, myself, wanted a ban on TikTok in Pakistan, but it should not be on a permanent basis,” she told various news publications.

In a telephone conversation from Japan, where Mirza is visiting currently, she added, “I am in Japan and I have received news from Pakistan about the ban on TikTok.”

She went on to add that many bases their livelihood with the app, and we have seen a rise in new talent as well. However, some people shared substandard videos on it. At the moment, Mirza reiterated, the ban is necessary but SOPs should be formed over the content and videos should be monitored. After needed precautions, the ban should be lifted. “Videos should be allowed to be broadcast after a formal code of conduct,” Mirza said.

The social media star added that there should be a team in Pakistan to monitor TikTok. This will help in developing talent.

Imran Abbas, on the other hand, took a jibe on TikTok being banned in the country. Taking to Instagram, the Akbari Asghari star shared the news and quipped, “Maybe 2020 isn’t so bad.”

Like Abbas, renowned cricketer Shahid Afridi, too, welcomed the ban on TikTok. While addressing the media outside his house, the former cricketer shared he

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Leading Consumer Financial Services Companies Announce INFiN, A Financial Services Alliance

Leading Consumer Financial Services Companies Announce INFiN, A Financial Services Alliance

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A wide array of the nation’s leading consumer financial services providers announced today the creation of INFiN, a Financial Services Alliance, representing more than 350 companies operating approximately 8,000 locations throughout the United States.

INFiN will provide a unified and strengthened voice for the vital and rapidly evolving consumer financial services industry and advocate on behalf of its customers.

Consumer financial services providers ensure consumers have access to a variety of critical financial products and services to help manage their personal finances, including check cashing, pre-paid cards, money transfers, electronic bill payments, and small-dollar loans, among others. INFiN represents the formal alliance of these innovative providers, bound by a shared commitment to their customers, regulatory compliance, and transparency.

“Consumers’ financial needs and options, including the ways they choose to access solutions, are continually evolving,” said Ed D’Alessio, INFiN’s executive director. “Our alliance and members embody the ongoing transformation of consumer financial services, providing the inclusion, innovation, and integrity our customers need, expect, and deserve.”

Comprising members of Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA) and the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), the new financial services alliance builds on the history and proven track record of leadership provided by two of the oldest national trade associations in the regulated consumer financial services industry.

“With our alliance as INFiN, we are integrating our longstanding partnership with our collective mission to serve consumers by advancing a thriving marketplace that responds to their diverse needs and interests and by engaging them across platforms and channels – from community-based storefronts to online tools powered by the latest technology,” said D. Lynn DeVault, Co-Chair of the INFiN Board of Directors.

“Millions of hardworking consumers, our customers, know all too well the realities of juggling their

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