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This app takes virtual presentations to a whole new creative level

This app takes virtual presentations to a whole new creative level

“Mmhmm” is more than an expression of agreement. Five months ago, it became the new name for a virtual presentation startup. Mmhmm is saying “bye-bye” to boring meetings and presentations and transforming them into a more immersive and showmanship-like experience.

“I’m getting really tired of living all day on video. It’s so easy to feel like an anonymous head in a box, so we made a new app that tries to make this a better experience for everyone,” said Phil Libin, co-founder and CEO of mmhmm. With several cool production features, the video software does help you appear less like Zordon’s floating head in The Power Rangers. Instead, you’re more like an editor in Tony Stark’s lab giving things more dimension.

With Mmhmm, you don’t have to worry about having people choose between looking at you or the slides in your presentation. In the background, you can place a PowerPoint presentation, a live video, and a web browser. So, you can show content “over your shoulder”. You can even use Airplay so you can demo things from your phone.

If you do want to display your presentation in fullscreen, fade transitions allow you to fade out like a Jedi hologram. And, you’re able to fly and shrink your image so you can also get out of the way of the things you are trying to demonstrate. According to Phil, the “dynamic desk” feature is “the best of a movie and a slide deck put together.”

The app can also have more than one presenter. Their Copilot feature lets two people work and present together, even if they aren’t in the same room. All you have to do is send them a link that invites them to be a copilot. The app automatically synchronizes slides for both presenters. So, any

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Serie A Faces Financial Reckoning As Coronavirus Pushes Transfer Market Spending Back To 2016 Level

Serie A Faces Financial Reckoning As Coronavirus Pushes Transfer Market Spending Back To 2016 Level


The transfer market summer window that closed on October 5 will be a remarkable one for Serie A – Italy’s top-flight soccer league.

For the first time since the SARS-COV-2 outbreak that paralyzed European soccer for over three months, Italy’s most beloved sport was finally able to assess the financial damage brought by the Coronavirus pandemic.

And despite Serie A welcomed stars of the like of former Barcelona midfielder Arthur Melo, SSC Napoli striker Victor Osimhen and former Manchester United Chris Smalling – the financial reality beneath the surface is quite scary.


And unfortunately, Italian soccer is not alone in this crisis.

The general spending on transfer fees in European soccer decreased significantly for the first time in three years, falling back to the 2016 level, a study released by FIFA has found.

The Transfer Market Snapshot June-October 2020 analyzed the latest player transfer market activity, giving an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on soccer finance.

The study shows that in 2020, Small Medium Enterprises soccer clubs accounted for a total of $3,92 billion in outgoing transfer fees, representing a steep drop of more than 30% in comparison to 2019, when clubs spent a total of $5,8 billion.

To find a similar figure we need to look back to 2016 when the money spent on international summer transfers reached $3,7 billion, while for the same period in 2017, 2018 and 2019 clubs invested over $5 billion each year.

The latest transfer window saw a

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