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Council Post: Message To B2B Marketers: We Can Be Creative

Council Post: Message To B2B Marketers: We Can Be Creative

Vice President of Brand Marketing & Communications at AvidXchange, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S.

When was the last time you were inspired by a B2B marketing campaign? When have you looked at a piece of B2B creative and thought, “They really get me”? Chances are, not recently. On the other hand, you can probably easily remember a piece of creative from a consumer brand that just gave you the goose bumps or made you tear up.

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers are no less creative than consumer marketers, but I find that they often get lost in the data, bits and bytes of their offering and lose sight of the fact that while a company might be paying the bill for their products, there is ultimately a person behind the buying process. I call it the “B2B sea of sameness.” 

You’ve seen it before — the same style of infographics, the same explainer videos. If you can remove a logo from a piece of creative and not tell that it belongs to a specific company, chances are you’re experiencing it.

Just like in their personal life, a B2B buyer is better influenced by standout creative that draws a line from their problems to the ability of your company to solve them.

How do you do this?

Here are three tips: Know your audience and behaviors. Differentiate yourself with an ownable brand story. And deliver a cohesive message across multiple channels.

Let’s dive deeper into the steps required.

Know your audience and their behaviors.

It’s crucial to learn about your customers’ problems and aspirations, and the role your business plays in them.

Is this buyer most worried about technology advances, cutting costs or reskilling their employees? Do they have an outdated process that slows them down

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Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. | AGNPF Stock Message Board & Forum

Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. | AGNPF Stock Message Board & Forum

RE:One Last Thing…

Thanks Algernon, I often enjoy many of your posts but definitely your tone has been extremely negative. I am not opposed to negative comments as there could be valuable information. For the record I hold a substantial position in AGN.

I quickly checked the insider tab here and I do not see Kal Malhi listed. I am assuming he does have 11% position with 15 million shares. I would like your opinion why you feel he controls the movement of the stock in either direction. If he is truly an insider he is subject to blackout periods and all insider trades are monitored and recorded yet I do not see any listed here under insiders tab.

You also indicate some for of relationship with AGN Ceo and Mr Malhi being his boss and some form of control. Can you please explain in detail what you are suggesting.

Can you also connect the dots with other companies you mention with regards to AGN or any of its management and the relevance to such?

My last comment has to do with patent protection. Are you suggesting they do not have legal rights to repurpose the drugs they are working? Why do you feel that? Do all pharmaceutical companies list their patents? Could the patent be held under a numbered company controlled by AGN. 

Your recent posts which are rather negative and warning shareholders and creating a lot of doubt do not provide back up to support your comments.

You are suggesting that readers contact the CEO and your email does not provide accurate email for Mr. Moreau. Have you contacted him and received a reply to your comments, if so please share with us.

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Analysis: South Korea Sees Hope and Threat in Mixed Message From North’s Kim | World News

Analysis: South Korea Sees Hope and Threat in Mixed Message From North’s Kim | World News

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean officials have seized on conciliatory comments by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the weekend as a sign that tension could be easing but also worry the huge number of rockets he showcased is evidence that peace may be elusive.

Kim sent mixed signals as he addressed an unprecedented night-time military parade early on Saturday, wishing the neighbouring Koreas would “hold hands” again after the novel coronavirus pandemic is over.

While much of the world was captivated by the appearance of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), officials in South Korea were far more concerned by the display of new multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and fast, manoeuvrable short-range missiles that would be ideal for striking targets in the South.

“The parade revealed not only an advanced ICBM but also MLRS that pose a direct threat to South Korea,” said South Korean opposition leader Kim Chong-in.

“They’ve not changed, their threats have grown even bigger.”

South Korean ruling party leader and former prime minister Lee Nak-yon said he took hope from Kim’s overture to the South as a “positive sign” but worried about what the display of new weapons said about North Korea’s intentions.

“North Korea showed advanced weapons including a new ICBM, which indicated it has not abandoned its resolve to develop weapons of mass destruction, and those weapons can threaten peace on the Korean peninsula,” Lee told a party meeting.

November’s U.S. election is compounding the uncertainty especially as the tone of ties between the two Koreas is often set by the state of North Korea’s relations with its old enemy the United States.

When a landmark summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump in 2018 brought an unprecedented easing of tension between those two countries, North Korea’s dealings with South

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Biden targets Trump voters in Pennsylvania with message of economic recovery, unity

Biden targets Trump voters in Pennsylvania with message of economic recovery, unity

Speaking to a small gathering of union members, Biden emphasized the differences between him and Trump — on the economy, their responses to the coronavirus pandemic and their ability to unite the country — and said that workers across the country had been “gutted by President Trump’s broken promises and reckless trade wars.”

“Folks, this is it. The election is here,” Biden said. “The choice couldn’t be more stark, the stakes couldn’t be higher.”

Biden accused Trump of being able only to “see the world from Park Avenue,” whereas he said his perspective was “from Scranton,” a comparison the former vice president has tried to drive home in recent weeks. He warned the crowd that Trump was seeking to destroy the Affordable Care Act, even as the coronavirus pandemic was increasing the need for access to health-care coverage, and spoke of the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on working-class people.

“America deserves a president who understands what people are going through,” Biden said. “You’re facing real challenges right now, and the last thing you need is a president who exacerbates them.”

Unlike in his previous campaign stop in Arizona, Biden made no direct mention of Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis or of his actions since then. Earlier Saturday, Trump had held his first public event since being hospitalized a week ago, a crowded gathering on the South Lawn of the White House where there was little social distancing among guests.

By contrast, Biden gave his speech in Erie in the parking lot outside of the training facility of the United Association Plumbers Local 27, which he had toured earlier. After he was introduced, Biden did a light jog up to the lectern wearing a disposable surgical mask, which he removed before speaking. Behind him was an array of pipes; in front of him, about

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