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What Millennials’ Top Stocks Tell Us About The Market And Them

What Millennials’ Top Stocks Tell Us About The Market And Them

How do Millennials choose stocks?

Millennials like stocks. Why shouldn’t they? Stocks only go up, right Dave Portnoy? 

I recently reviewed the latest survey from Apex clearing, S&P Global Market Intelligence and Investors Business Daily. Each quarter, they review account holdings of a large group of Millennial generation investors, and analyze which individual stocks are the most popular in their portfolios. Below, you can see a chart of the Top 10 as of the end of last month, out of their full list of the top 100 stock holdings of this group.

Young investors and stocks: awesome!

Before I specifically deliver some observations from that latest list, let me say this about millennials and stocks: I am thrilled that younger folks are learning about investing while they are still in the earlier stages of their retirement saving. There is an entire generation of Baby Boomers that wishes they had the opportunity to invest in such transparent, liquid markets at such a low cost. But in the 1980s and 1990s, the internet and investment markets were in a nascent stage versus today.

The issue for all investors, including millennials, is that they have not known any serious hardship as investors since they started investing. Market declines have been so quickly-remedied since 2008, you could excuse this generation for thinking that stocks only go up…but when they go down, they come right back.

Index-mania is out there: but there’s a cure

There is also the issue of “index-mania” I have described before. While it is possible that investing in the S&P 500 Index is the only strategy a young investor will ever need until they approach retirement, that is not the lesson from history. In fact, I would say that strategy is on seriously borrowed time.


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Why Clearcover is the clear auto insurance choice for millennials

Why Clearcover is the clear auto insurance choice for millennials


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Adults in their twenties and thirties are now facing the same financial responsibilities their parents once did as they become homeowners, car owners, and insurance holders. While these financial matters can seem complicated, millennial adults have the added benefit of improved mobile apps to simplify banking, money transfers, and now, auto insurance.

Clearcover Car Insurance offers just that: clear, comprehensive, and affordable auto coverage at a better price than its competitors. “Clear” also describes how easy it is to use Clearcover’s digital platform: everything from purchasing your policy to managing an insurance claim can be done through their user-friendly mobile app.

Clearcover simply designed an app that makes sense to millennials: these days, there’s no need for in-person agents and phone calls when we do pretty much everything from our smartphones. And if you can do something that’s easier and a better value, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a price markup just for an insurance agent.

Mobile apps that allow users to make their own educated financial decisions aren’t so new: Robinhood makes stock market investment simple by allowing you to invest directly in the market through a mobile app. That strategy works for this generation of adults: Robinhood has over 2 million views in Apple’s App Store, and it enjoys a 4.8-star rating. Similarly, Clearcover enjoys 4.7 stars from nearly 1,000 satisfied customers in the Apple App Store. Over and over, user reviews describe Clearcover as “the best insurance ever”, with user Sobhan H. saying, “I am honestly really surprised to see that Clearcover is not the #1

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Hajj savings mobile app expected to entice Indonesian millennials

Hajj savings mobile app expected to entice Indonesian millennials

Mr. Budiono said Des Moines, Iowa-based Principal Global Investors LLC is the first money manager to sign on with BPKH to make the investment needed to reach out to that retail customer base across the sprawling Indonesian archipelago.

Working as the engine provider for BPKH on the strength of the digital initiative Principal designed for the project “is a great opportunity,” capable of positioning the money manager longer term to help retail customers meet a growing range of needs, Mr. Budiono said.

It fits with Principal’s goal of achieving a greater balance between the institutional segment of the firm’s Indonesian business — currently 70% of its 8.5 trillion rupiah ($573 million) in assets under management — and the remaining 30% it has raised through bank and insurance company retail platforms.

“Young Hajj will be our first direct-to-customer retail product,” Mr. Tan said.

While the challenges — and expenses — of building a retail business in a country like Indonesia are daunting, its large population, much of which is “underbanked,” and vast territory offer a backdrop where digital solutions can “leapfrog” those obstacles, said Thomas Cheong, Hong Kong-based president of Principal Financial Group’s business in Asia.

The success of local companies such as ride-hailing business Gojek — as Jakarta-based PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa is known — has effectively catalyzed the local market, paving the way for digital distribution to serve as the cornerstone of Principal Global Investors’ Indonesian retail business, Mr. Cheong said.

PGI is tailoring its Young Hajj savings program to extend for “five to 10 years, depending on the customer’s savings appetite,” Mr. Tan said.

The mobile app allows users to set their desired time period, between five and 10 years, for achieving the 25 million rupiah target, with an investment calculator setting the monthly contribution required to

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