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Mini Bookends The Market With A 301-Horsepower Rocket And An Electrified Go-Kart

Mini Bookends The Market With A 301-Horsepower Rocket And An Electrified Go-Kart

2021 Mini Cooper JCW GP
Mini will sell only 3,000 of it’s performance-oriented JCW GPs, which deliver 301 horsepower and have a wing that the brand insists it needs to keep it pinned to the ground. Mini

Situated about ninety minutes northwest of New York City in the Catskills is a private racetrack for car enthusiasts called the Monticello Motor Club. Lined up trackside is a row of Minis, including a tiny powderkeg called the Mini John Cooper Works GP. Also present is the new electric Mini Cooper SE sporting a kicky yellow trim and wheels patterns that emulates British electrical outlets.

sight in its entirety speaks to the enduring charm and mystique of this
BMW-owned brand, and both vehicles, on either end of the spectrum, bring the
brand full circle to its birth as a world-changing automobile.

1957, with Britain roiled by the Suez Crisis, threatening fuel supplies and
sparking an invasion of Egypt, Turkish-born designer Alec Issigonis (later “Sir
Alex”) had his breakthrough with the Mini: A car as small as possible on the
outside, as big as possible inside, with thrifty fuel economy and a modest

2021 Mini Cooper JCW GP
The Mini JCW GP is the latest It’s the JCW GP, the creation from John Cooper Works, the tuning shop that makes special editions of every Mini model. Mini

1959 Mini created a sensation and a driving cult, including among the nascent
“youth culture.” The tiny machine also became the Adam for tens of millions of
cars that imitated its then-novel front-wheel-drive, engine-turned-sideways
approach. Today, that describes the vast majority of small-to-midsize cars in showrooms
around the world; including crossovers and SUVs that start with a front-drive
platform but add AWD, either standard or as an option.

it took a Formula One racing owner, the late John Cooper, to recognize the

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