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DNA Analysis Suggests Mother and Son Were Buried in Famous Viking Grave | Smart News

DNA Analysis Suggests Mother and Son Were Buried in Famous Viking Grave | Smart News

New DNA evidence has identified two people buried in a 1,000 year-old Viking grave as a mother and son, reports the Copenhagen Post.

Previously, researchers had speculated that the man, who may have been hanged, was an enslaved individual sacrificed and buried alongside the noblewoman he served in life.

“It’s an incredibly exciting and surprising result we have here,” Ole Kastholm, an archaeologist at Denmark’s Roskilde Museum, where the remains are on display, tells TV 2 Lorry. “We need to thoroughly consider what this means.”

Archaeologists excavated the burial, known as the Gerdrup Grave, in 1981. The fact that the woman was buried with what appeared to be a lance helped overturn scholars’ assumptions about gender in Viking society. Since the site’s discovery, researchers have found a number of other Viking women buried with weapons, which could identify them as warriors or symbolize their elite status.

“Bone and DNA analyses have gradually undermined the belief that men were buried with weapons and riding equipment and women with sewing needles and the house keys,” the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde explains on its website. “Sometimes this is true, but other times the situation is reversed—there are lots of female graves that hold weapons and sometimes we even get situations where the skeleton we believe to be biologically a man … has been buried in clothing usually associated with women.”

In recent years, archaeologists have used genetic sequencing to disprove the assumption that a particularly grand tenth-century tomb filled with weapons and other artifacts associated with war belonged to a man. While 21st-century identities may not map perfectly onto the Vikings’ understandings of gender, the most likely explanation is that the Birka tomb’s occupant was a woman warrior. Viking mythology is replete with stories of such female fighters.

Skeletons on display at Roskilde Museum
The skeletons on
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Vetphage Pharmaceuticals rebranded with its mother company brand Proteon Pharmaceuticals

Vetphage Pharmaceuticals rebranded with its mother company brand Proteon Pharmaceuticals

Vetphage Pharmaceuticals, a company operating in the animal health industry, known for their support to Poultry farmers and Aquaculture, has been successfully rebranded to Proteon Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd. Being established in India in 2017, the Vetphage has proven to be a reliable partner for Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A, its mother company headquartered in Poland, Europe. Proteon is a leader in bacteriophage (phage) technology for livestock farming. Proteon’s products modulate the microbiome, enhancing sustainability and improving performance on the farm. The company currently operates worldwide with footprints in Europe, APAC and Middle East.

Vetphage has shown a promising potential in the first few years of its operations. Having recorded 175% revenue increase in the first 6 months of 2020 despite the general countrywide lockdown, the company is forecasting more than 200% growth in H2 of 2020 compared to H1. “Since poultry producers are switching over to safer and efficient feed additives, we expect to see substantial growth in our sales volume and market share. A bulk of the growth is likely to accrue from the South and West markets, with sizable contributions from the North, Central and Eastern Indian regions. We expect 40% growth in revenue in the Southern region comprising AP, Karnataka, TN, Kerala, Telangana, and a 20% growth in the Western region, comprising Maharashtra and Gujarat ” said Dr Ramdas Kambale, Director of Proteon Pharmaceuticals India.

Indian Poultry market is currently valued at Rs. 10,000 crores and growing annually with a compounded growth rate of 10 percent, which is among the highest in the world.

“Proteon strives to capture the Indian market under one global brand. It’ll bring savings that we will translate to even better support our customers” said Mr. Nipun Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer at Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. The new approach of poultry integrators is fostering growth

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