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Creative making space opening on Monroe Street

Creative making space opening on Monroe Street

Starting Tuesday, The Mad Makery will offer private art classes, small workshops and DIY craft kits.
copper clip with three photos
Photo courtesy of Melanie Gehrke
A completed white copper clip kit

The Mad Makery is opening a brand new space Tuesday on Monroe Street after operating largely online only since launching in 2018.

Owner Melanie Gehrke started by creating craft kits only available online. All of the items needed to complete a project were included in a kit. She has also hosted workshops at various local businesses prior to the pandemic.

Before the pandemic began, Gehrke had announced plans to open a retail location on Junction Road, but with the uncertainty of COVID-19, she decided to no longer open the larger space.

She’s now set to open a new retail space at 2528 Monroe Street, where she will offer private art lessons for children, DIY kits and small group workshops for adults.

Gehrke is a former elementary school art teacher, so will customize and create classes for children interested in learning a skill.

The Mad Makery is requiring everyone to wear masks in the studio. Tables, chairs and tools will be sanitized after all customers. They will also have contactless temperature checks and a COVID-19 screening questionnaire.

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Egyptian Central Bank Provides New Guidelines for Opening Bank Accounts for Individuals and SMEs, Aimed at Enabling Financial Inclusion

Egyptian Central Bank Provides New Guidelines for Opening Bank Accounts for Individuals and SMEs, Aimed at Enabling Financial Inclusion

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has reportedly issued updated guidelines and instructions that will allow local residents and small businesses to open certain types of bank accounts under various terms and conditions.

The CBE sent a letter to local banks in which it noted that the nation’s Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Unit (MLCU) had been consulted in order to offer additional support for individuals and companies looking to open new accounts.

The CBE stated that the updates have been announced after carrying out due diligence processes for financial inclusion products issued by the MLCU back in November 2018, and its amendments or updates that were released in March of this year.

The new bank account options have been introduced as part of related guidelines for the classification of financial inclusion products that were released by the CBE in July 2019. The nation’s reserve bank has been working on projects that will allow more people and businesses to access modern banking and financial services in the country.

The CBE noted that its current agreement with the MLCU includes the application of appropriate policies to open traditional banking accounts for new customers without having to obtain prior approval from the CBE or MLCU.

Alaa Farouk, Chairman of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt (ABE), stated that the CBE’s new rules for bank accounts is an important step toward providing better access to the nation’s financial system.

Farouk added that the new guidelines will help more individuals and companies as it will allow them to gain access to the banking sector and the formal economy. This should also benefit small traders and owners of SMEs in the country. It can even help promote the use of digital payment methods and reduce Egypt’s dependence on cash, Farouk said.

As reported recently, Egypt’s Banque

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