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‘Much cheaper than … rental payments’

‘Much cheaper than … rental payments’

In August 2017, Kirsten and Devin Trout decided they needed a change. Devin, a touring musician, was always on the road for work, and one day, both he and his wife had an epiphany of sorts: They needed to be in Nashville.

“I was just watching Netflix and something just told me [that] we need to move to Nashville,” Kirsten said. “I definitely think it was like a God thing ‘cause Devin was listening to a podcast and he felt the same thing … We told our family the next day we were moving.”

With their minds made up, Kirsten and Devin started researching housing options in Nashville for the two of them and their three small dogs. There was just one problem: Everything was out of their price range.

“All of our friends [either] have roommates or they’re crazy rich,” Kirsten joked. “Housing here is super expensive and so is rent.”

For a fleeting moment, the young couple thought that was the end of the road for their Nashville fantasy. However, Devin wasn’t ready to throw in the towel that quickly, and it’s good that he didn’t. While browsing the internet, the 28-year-old entertainer stumbled upon a video of a man living contentedly in his van, which inspired him to start looking into alternative housing options.

“I’m, like, at home by myself with my thoughts of wanting to move to Nashville so I’m spending all my nights on YouTube … researching all this stuff and I just [found] a video of some guy living in his van,” Devin explained. “It was like a 30 or 40-minute video. I ate that whole video up and after that … spent all night sending [Kirsten] videos of this.”

Kirsten wasn’t too keen on the idea of sharing a small van with her

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