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Market Might Finally Be Ready To Throw A Hissy Fit For Stimulus

Market Might Finally Be Ready To Throw A Hissy Fit For Stimulus

I like to focus on individual stock ideas, finding the most revolutionary companies on the planet when their valuations are compelling. Frankly, though, the results have long spoken for themselves as our 10-100+ baggers have continued to pile up.

Perhaps, our quietest 20-bagger ever is SolarEdge (NASDAQ:SEDG), which has been a volatile stock along since it was bought at $14 per share four years ago, but clearly, the volatility over the short-term time frames has been meaningless to its long-term move to $300+ per share. I am still long SolarEdge, although, in the hedge fund, I’m looking to hedge it with some puts/shorts on some other solar stocks that have been on fire lately but are not as Revolutionary as SEDG. Maybe some puts 0-15% out of the money and dated out to November or something along those lines. As always, when we hedge, we are not looking to make big money on the hedges, and if they lose money while SEDG continues to make us even more money, then that’s okay. I’m not doing these hedges in my personal account, but I try to communicate my hedge fund trades to you also, as you know.

But just because I focus so much on individual stocks and trends, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look at the broader market setups too, and you’ve seen me over the years and in the last few months make a few adjustments to my positioning as a result of that analysis. Including when I turned pretty much bearish in February and got even more bearish after MC’ing a CFA Austin panel where nobody was worried about The Coronavirus Crisis. Or when I got excited about the valuations and started loading up on stocks and covering mostly all of my short hedges in

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3 signs you won’t be ready to retire in 30 years, according to a financial planner

3 signs you won’t be ready to retire in 30 years, according to a financial planner

Ruobing Su/Business Insider

© Ruobing Su/Business Insider
Ruobing Su/Business Insider

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera: Financial planner Jovan Johnson. Courtesy of Jovan Johnson

© Courtesy of Jovan Johnson
Financial planner Jovan Johnson. Courtesy of Jovan Johnson

  • Even if you have 30 or more years before retirement, it’s possible that there are already some signs you won’t be ready.
  • If you haven’t started using your employer’s 401(k), or are still making the same contribution you started making several years ago, you might need to make a change to get on track. 
  • Similarly, if you find that your retirement income will be significantly less than what you’re currently earning, it’s worth adjusting your savings strategy now to maintain your lifestyle in the future.
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While it can be tough to think 30 years into the future, it’s necessary for retirement planning. It takes years of saving, investing, and growth for retirement planning to work effectively and build a large enough savings to live well in retirement.


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There’s no set age to start thinking about retirement planning, but experts agree that the sooner you start, the better. Not only will your money grow more, but you’ll also have less stress later on.

For that reason, thinking 30 years into the future is essential. Financial planner Jovan Johnson of Piece of Wealth Planning says that there are a few signs you’ll want to watch out for on you savings journey — they might mean that you won’t have enough savings for a comfortable retirement. 

You haven’t started using your workplace’s 401(k), or haven’t updated it recently

If your employer offers a 401(k), it’s definitely something to take advantage of sooner rather than later. These retirement accounts allows contributions pre-tax, which lowers your total taxable income. These accounts can also sometimes come with a match, where an employer will essentially

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