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Google boosts BI chops with new Looker features, roadmap

Google boosts BI chops with new Looker features, roadmap


Looker has revamped its core dashboard capabilities

Credit: Looker

Modern business intelligence (BI) provider Looker, at its [email protected] online conference today, will announce important new features that bring it more to parity with longer-established self-service and enterprise BI platforms. Now that Looker is firmly on-boarded and an important part of Google Cloud, the time is right to shore up its enterprise BI credibility.

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Dashboards on the big screen, apps on the small one

First off, Looker has improved its dashboard facility, adding cross filtering capabilities. Cross-filtering allows users to click on particular data elements in one visualization in order to filter the data used by the other visualizations. It makes dashboards more interactive and better able to work as entry-level discovery interfaces, before users drill down to more sophisticated, dedicated analysis views. The figure at the top of this post shows a Looker dashboard created with the new authoring platform.

Next, Looker is introducing its first native mobile apps. While Looker’s Web interface was fully responsive and mobile-friendly before, the mobile apps for iOS and Android will likely provide a more enticing, lower-friction interface for corporate BI users. Mobile BI apps are great for conveying key performance indicators (KPIs) and high-level data visualizations. Most of Looker’s major competitors have had mobile apps for years, and so the time was right for Looker to get that capability out to its users.

Enabling developers

Looker is also beefing up its developer story, another critical pillar for a successful business intelligence platform. To begin with, Looker is adding to its previously announced Extension Framework, which allows application developers to create components that can be located within the Looker environment. Looker is publishing its own extension for entity relationship diagrams, which can be used to visualize data models.

For developers who want

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Health Insurance Procurement Intelligence Report with Roadmap for Recovery from COVID-19

Health Insurance Procurement Intelligence Report with Roadmap for Recovery from COVID-19

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Health Insurance procurement market will register an incremental spend of about $748 billion, growing at a CAGR of 7.29% from 2020-2024. A targeted strategic approach to Health Insurance market sourcing can unlock several opportunities for buyers. This report offers market impact and new opportunities created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Request free sample pages

Key benefits to buy this report:

  • What are the market dynamics?
  • What are the key market trends?
  • What are the category growth drivers?
  • What are the constraints on category growth?
  • Who are the suppliers in this market?
  • What are the demand-supply shifts?
  • What are the major category requirements?
  • What are the procurement best practices in this market?

Information on Latest Trends and Supply Chain Market Information Knowledge center on COVID-19 impact assessment

  • SpendEdge’s reports now include an in-depth complimentary analysis of the COVID-19 impact on procurement and the latest market data to help your company overcome sourcing challenges.
  • Our Health Insurance procurement intelligence report offers actionable procurement intelligence insights, sourcing strategies, and action plans to mitigate risks arising out of the current pandemic situation.

Health Insurance Procurement: Strategies and Category Management

This report provides comprehensive inputs on streamlining your Health Insurance category management practices. Subscribe Now for detailed answers on:

  • What should be my strategic sourcing objectives, activities, and enablers for Health Insurance category?
  • Which negotiation levers can I pull for cost-saving?
  • What are Health Insurance procurement best practices I should be promoting in my supply chain?


  • The Health Insurance market will register an incremental spend of about $748 billion, growing at a CAGR of 7.29% from 2020-2024
  • On the supply side, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and APAC will have the maximum influence owing to the supplier base.

The drivers

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