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Creative Director Nate Brown Launches Rosaluna Mezcal Brand With Other Industry Figures

Creative Director Nate Brown Launches Rosaluna Mezcal Brand With Other Industry Figures

Creative director Nate Brown expands his business portfolio with that launch of Rosaluna—an all-natural mezcal made for today’s modern consumer.

Brown—a Donda collective member—co-founded the company with Terry Lee, an adviser and investor of businesses like Thrive Market and Magic Spoon; Freddie Martignetti, an investor and adviser at Highland Capital; and Pepe Mireles, an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in real estate, hospitality services, interior design, and film. 

“Terry and I met while we were working on other projects together, we quickly became best friends with a lot of shared interests—drinking was one of them (obviously),” Brown told Complex. “We’ve both always been very conscious of living a life in balance (health being of particular focus), but we didn’t want to compromise also going out and having fun. Mezcal was a spirit that we became obsessed with after understanding how simple it was in terms of ingredients, and how it was farmed and made (we were also very drawn to its mystical properties). At the core of it, we really just loved mezcal so much we made our own, and we wanted to share the magic with our friends and family. Thus Rosaluna was born.”

Rosaluna is an all-natural joven mezcal—free of additives, coloring, and artificial flavors—that is made from espadín agave. The founders also teamed up with sister-and-brother duo JJ and Frida Méndez León Jiménez, whose family has been growing agave in the hills of Oaxaca, Mexico, for more than six generations. This partnership allowed the founders to make Rosaluna a “farm-to-bottle” spirit, and “present its certified gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, zero carb, plant-based, and carbon neutral spirit nationwide.”

“I am obsessed with Mexico. I’ve been going there since I was young, and this project is a bit of a manifestation of my love affair with Mexico,”

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