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SparBar LTD. (UK) Announces New Business Partnership, Construction of New 108,000 SqFt Philippines Factory

SparBar LTD. (UK) Announces New Business Partnership, Construction of New 108,000 SqFt Philippines Factory

SparBar, Ltd. will partner on the project with the Topline Group of Companies, a dynamic business and property development enterprise based in the Philippines and London, England. The 108,000 square-foot (approximately 2.5 acre) project development, approved last month for a 50-year license by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, will provide more than manufacturing; it will also serve as the new research, development, and design hub for this exciting sporting brand. “We are dedicated to constant innovation, improvement, and evolution of the SPARBAR™ brand, and bringing R&D into a single, in-house facility will increase our efficiencies and enhance our product offerings long into the future,” said Gill. The SPARBAR™ inventor reached a binding Memorandum of Understanding with Topline late last week, and only minor details remain before the parties memorialize the full Partnership Agreement.

Topline Group of Companies CEO Eugene Erik Lim says his firm is committed to the success of SparBar LTD and all SPARBAR™ products. “SparBar, Ltd. aligns with our company’s value of instilling positive growth in the community and helping people around the world achieve their true potential,” said Lim, who says the sporting company will make available its fitness and combat equipment for gyms, boot camps, and talent development throughout the Philippines.

SparBar, Ltd. Advisor Demee Koch, spearheading the partnership initiative for the Cebu facility, says that the new project is not just a production deal, but a social and community venture. “We are incredibly excited to support the local community through increased employment and on-the-job training, but that’s not all,” said Koch. “We’re also excited to bring SPARBAR’s culture of personal growth and improvement to the community.”

According to Gill, the partner companies are a perfect match. “Topline Group of Companies and SparBar, Ltd. share the same values, and we’ve got some very exciting

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