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What Millennials’ Top Stocks Tell Us About The Market And Them

What Millennials’ Top Stocks Tell Us About The Market And Them

How do Millennials choose stocks?

Millennials like stocks. Why shouldn’t they? Stocks only go up, right Dave Portnoy? 

I recently reviewed the latest survey from Apex clearing, S&P Global Market Intelligence and Investors Business Daily. Each quarter, they review account holdings of a large group of Millennial generation investors, and analyze which individual stocks are the most popular in their portfolios. Below, you can see a chart of the Top 10 as of the end of last month, out of their full list of the top 100 stock holdings of this group.

Young investors and stocks: awesome!

Before I specifically deliver some observations from that latest list, let me say this about millennials and stocks: I am thrilled that younger folks are learning about investing while they are still in the earlier stages of their retirement saving. There is an entire generation of Baby Boomers that wishes they had the opportunity to invest in such transparent, liquid markets at such a low cost. But in the 1980s and 1990s, the internet and investment markets were in a nascent stage versus today.

The issue for all investors, including millennials, is that they have not known any serious hardship as investors since they started investing. Market declines have been so quickly-remedied since 2008, you could excuse this generation for thinking that stocks only go up…but when they go down, they come right back.

Index-mania is out there: but there’s a cure

There is also the issue of “index-mania” I have described before. While it is possible that investing in the S&P 500 Index is the only strategy a young investor will ever need until they approach retirement, that is not the lesson from history. In fact, I would say that strategy is on seriously borrowed time.


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Top 10 books about creative writing

Top 10 books about creative writing

The poet Rita Dove was once asked what makes poetry successful. She went on to illuminate three key areas: First, the heart of the writer; the things they wish to say – their politics and overarching sensibilities. Second, their tools: how they work language to organise and position words. And the third, the love a person must have for books: “To read, read, read.”

a close up of Toni Morrison: Photograph: Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

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Photograph: Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

When I started mapping out How to Write It, I wanted to focus on the aspects of writing development that took in both theoretical and interpersonal aspects. No writer lives in a vacuum, their job is an endless task of paying attention.

How do I get myself an agent? What’s the best way to approach a publisher? Should I self-publish? There is never one way to assuage the concerns of those looking to make a career out of writing. Many labour tirelessly for decades on manuscripts that never make it to print. The UK on average publishes around 185,000 new titles per year, ranking us the third largest publishing market in the world, yet the number of aspiring writers is substantially greater.

Writers writing about writing can become a supercilious endeavour; I’m more interested in the process of making work and the writer’s perspectives that substantiate the framework.

There’s no single authority, anything is possible. All that’s required are some words and an idea – which makes the art of writing enticing but also difficult and daunting. The books listed below, diverse in their central arguments and genres, guide us towards more interesting and lateral ways to think about what we want to say, and ultimately, how we choose to say it.

1. The Hatred of Poetry by Ben LernerAn intellectual meditation on the cultural function

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Top Discounts Driver Can Obtain From Their Car Insurance Providers

Top Discounts Driver Can Obtain From Their Car Insurance Providers

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2020 / ( ) has launched a new blog post that presents the most common car insurance discounts that are provided by car insurance companies.

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Car insurance is a frustrating but necessary factor in car ownership. Obtaining the best policy possible is not that easy and many drivers are likely to run into some common issues and questions about the process. Luckily, there are many discounts offered across the car insurance industry to make insurance policies more affordable.

Drivers who are shopping around for a new car insurance company and policy should check if the following discounts are offered and if they meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Loyalty discount. To get a loyalty discount, drivers should ask their insurers whether a discount is offered, how long they will need to be a customer to be eligible, and any other terms that might apply. Insurance companies apply the discount after a predetermined period of time, and some companies will increase the discount the longer the drivers remain a customer.
  • Good student discounts. High school and college students are often eligible for discounts. Insurers offer this discount to students with good grades because they believe that a good student is likely to be a more responsible driver than a mediocre or poor student.
  • Bundling or multipolicy discounts. Most insurance providers offer a discount for customers who purchase two or more policies together. Policyholders can bundle their car insurance policies with other policies such as homeowner’s insurance, boat insurance, or renter’s insurance.
  • Good driving discounts. Generally, there are two types of good driving discounts: those offered to drivers who maintain a clean driving record free of crashes and moving violations, and those offered to
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Seeking nominations for the top experts in financial public relations

Seeking nominations for the top experts in financial public relations

a man wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

© Provided by Business Insider
Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

  • Corporations are feeling the squeeze as the economy suffers under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning every piece of financial information released is an essential form of communication.
  • Business Insider is planning to publish a list of the financial public relations experts with a track record of success working on high-profile assignments.
  • We want to hear which PR firms and their top financial PR executives brands are scrambling to hire to support them through the coronavirus and other financial crises.
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The coronavirus pandemic has squeezed revenue streams at corporations, pressuring companies to inform investors, customers, suppliers, and the public how they’re responding to the crisis.

The outbreak has ramped up shareholder activism as investors scrutinize companies’ leadership teams, unravelled mergers and acquisition plans, and delayed IPOs.

This combination of factors makes every piece of financial information released by a company an essential form of communication that requires a seasoned financial public relations hand.

Business Insider is planning to publish a list for the top financial PR pros who are helping corporations spin their financial story, and we’re looking for your nominations here.

Video: Tech, healthcare are key sectors driving wealth creation in Asia: UBS (CNBC)

Tech, healthcare are key sectors driving wealth creation in Asia: UBS



We want to hear which PR firms and their top financial PR executives a brand hires to support them through the coronavirus crisis.

This list will be based on nominations, publicly available information, and our own original reporting. The financial PR pros who are included on this list will have prominent clients, high-profile assignments, and a history of results.

For reference, here are some other examples of similar lists, like the

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Top 10 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Top 10 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Press release content from Accesswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2020 / ( ) has released a new blog post that presents several efficient ways to get cheaper auto insurance.

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Insurance expenses can rise to several thousand dollars per year. It all depends on several factors, including the model of the vehicle, driving experience and history, coverage limits, annual mileage, and so on. Drivers can get better rates if they:

  • Bundle policies. A person can easily bundle car insurance with homeowners/renters/condo insurance and earn a valuable discount. When completing online questionnaires, the user is asked if he owns the home/apartment where he/she lives. If the user owns it, he will be provided with a bundle option. In some cases, a person can save as much as 20% simply by bundling coverage.
  • Use multi-vehicle plans. Covering multiple vehicles under the same insurer will also be financially rewarding. Multi-vehicle plans also provide a discount. The value of the discount is directly proportional to the number of insured vehicles.
  • Carefully select the value of the deductibles. It is up to the policyholder to set deductibles. The usually recommended value is $500, for both comprehensive and collision coverage. However, the policyholder can choose higher values and lower the overall premiums.
  • Drop unnecessary coverage on older cars. If the car is older than 10 years, keeping full coverage is likely to make the owner overpay. Since a car’s value diminishes over time, keeping full coverage for cars older than 5-6 years can lead to unnecessary costs.
  • Keep a clean driving record. Whenever a person tries to obtain online quotes, he will be asked for claims
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