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Did someone say free food? Companies are getting creative with WFH perks

Did someone say free food? Companies are getting creative with WFH perks

Free food at the office used to make a stressful day better.

But with so many employees still working remotely, how can bosses show their appreciation?

I asked companies what they are doing to keep the office culture alive in a virtual world.

E-commerce checkout company Fast said it’s sending gift cards to employees for a weekly team meal, along with a weekly snack box.

Another company, UKG, which offered its working parents a virtual summer camp for their kids, is now offering after-school help this fall. It’s a win-win situation: kids are entertained, while parents get a break so they can be more productive at work.

And San Francisco-based Splunk is offering an extra 30 “pandemic days,” to give workers extra time to care for themselves and their family.

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Dropbox is going remote …. kinda

Dropbox says it’s becoming a “virtual first” company.

So what does that mean?

Employees will work remotely the majority of the time to focus on their individual work, but they’ll go into the office for more collaborative events, like strategy sessions, team building and training.

To do that, the company is going to revamp its current office space: no more individual desks. Instead there will be more collaborative and meeting spaces.

Teams will agree on dates for when they will be in the office together.

I asked Melanie Collins, vice president of people, why the company isn’t taking a hybrid approach where workers choose when — or if — they come into the office. She explained that the hybrid model could create an unlevel playing field that favors in-person workers.

“We had reservations on this model because it perpetuates two very different employee experiences that could result in issues with things like inclusion

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