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It takes vigilance to outwit some of the creative crooks: Whit & Whimsey

It takes vigilance to outwit some of the creative crooks: Whit & Whimsey

BRUNSWICK, Ohio — So we’re all going a little stir crazy trying to stay safe, but one group of people is hard at work. Unfortunately, the ones I’m referring to are the ones trying to cheat you out of your money — as if the world isn’t crazy enough already!

Have you received the voicemail: “Angelica calling from MIA. I have a delivery agent out there to the property address on file and he was unsuccessful again at getting someone to sign the documents today. We will only be able to make one more time before we return your file for failure to comply.”

It is a scam, of course. But I’m worried about someone being cheated out of money or inadvertently giving out private information. If you know someone who wouldn’t do what we did by looking up the phone number on the Internet or calling the Better Business Bureau, this is probably a good time to check with them to be sure they don’t fall for it.

It’s probably going to get worse over the winter, because more people are staying inside and might answer their phones instead of letting an unrecognized number go to voicemail.

Same thing is true of online messages that appear to be legitimate but are not from who you think they are. I am constantly getting one from what appears to be a legitimate shopping site with my “order” of electronics.

They want you to reply to them. Don’t. Report it to the people they are pretending to be. Every major retailer has a reporting mechanism.

Please be careful, and help out a friend or family member you think might be targeted.

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