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We Like Our Health Insurance And Working From Home

We Like Our Health Insurance And Working From Home

Jan Dubauskas is the Vice President of

We have experienced a lot of change throughout the course of the pandemic that has required us to reconsider our priorities and become nimble in the way we work and how we reach out to our clients. Many were skeptical that these changes would lead to similar productivity. However, as we prioritize our health during the pandemic, working from home has become important, and many (24%, according to CNBC) have adapted so well that they want to keep doing it.

When we first started working from home, the primary concern for many was to set up an office, retain camaraderie, and continue meeting with clients. During the spring, as I watched as annual springtime conferences got canceled or sent to an online format, I keenly felt the void previously filled by those intense social interactions. It seemed that with a bit of luck, the shutdowns would pass and we would return to our normal activity. But as the pandemic stretched into the summer and many lost their jobs due to the pandemic, it dawned on all of us that we are approaching a different way of working that will likely have lasting impacts.

Before the pandemic, workers appreciated but likely undervalued their employer-sponsored health benefits. In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many health insurance companies quickly adjusted their benefits packages to ensure coverage for Covid-19 testing and more. So with general health and fear of illness weighing heavily on our minds, health insurance during a pandemic has become a vital benefit. And in a recent survey from my company, 64% of respondents rated their health insurance coverage as “excellent” or “good.”

The economic slowdown to curb the virus could cause approximately 27 million Americans to lose employer-sponsored health insurance during

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Creative Ways To Stay Active While Working From Home

Creative Ways To Stay Active While Working From Home

By Allison Goldberg

With quarantine stretching on, most gyms and classes remaining closed, and the average commute now being 3.5 seconds, it’s pretty hard to get those steps in. Fortunately, there are creative ways to prevent all of one’s muscles from atrophying while working from home indefinitely. 

The benefits of a non-sedentary lifestyle are countless, from reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, to improved cognitive function and decreased anxiety and depression. And yet, a 2018 study revealed that in the U.S. “about 1 in 4 sit for more than 8 hours a day, 4 in 10 are physically inactive, and 1 in 10 report both.”

Take A Cue From Japan

From anime, to cat cafes, to ice cream that doesn’t melt, Japan is crushing it. Add workplace exercise to the list. While American companies often give gym memberships as perks, Japanese companies began building exercise right into the workday years ago. And there are benefits to the bottom line, which is something U.S. businesses should embrace. Japan Airline’s Chief Director of Health (which, yes, is apparently a position) has stated that the company now registers fewer sick days and insurance costs.

For now, team leaders should create 5-minute workouts that blend right in with productivity. For instance, after a morning meeting, try the Pomodoro Technique, in which people work for 25 minutes straight, and then take a 3-5 minute break. After 4 pomodoros, take a 15-30 minute break. During any of these breaks, meet up with colleagues for quick stretches and workouts.


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Wyclef On Staying Creative in the Pandemic, and Why He Loves Working With Women

Wyclef On Staying Creative in the Pandemic, and Why He Loves Working With Women

8 min read

Wyclef Jean likes to feel comfortable. This much is evident from the shag pillows piled atop the white sofa in his New Jersey home, where he’s hanging out for our Zoom chat on a recent Thursday afternoon. In a custom Soíremaín hoodie, he lounges deeper into said sofa throughout our conversation, occasionally springing forward mid-thought for emphasis.

Jean’s penchant for getting comfy and talking things through isn’t news to fans who’ve been listening to or watching the former Fugee’s pandemic-era podcast Run That Back, which will be dropping new episodes through the end of October. The show features the multi-platinum solo artist and producer’s musings on life and art, plus virtual conversations and low-key peformance sidebars with everyone from Clive Davis to Lena Waithe. It’s essentially the world’s most chill variety series.

Run That Back, like similar celebrity livestreams since lockdown, was borne of creative restlesness and entreprenurial necessity (see: a weekly segment sponsored by Bacardi). And it’s just one element of Jean’s current projects outside his recording career, which saw its latest installment in last year’s Wyclef Goes Back to School Vol. 1. He’s also venturing into the cannabiz. That’s in addition to investing in and advising for his business partner Madeline Nelson’s women-driven label/management firm, Heads Music.

Over the course of a spirited half-hour back-and-forth, Jean elaborated on a number of topics, including why female-driven projects function better and what he’s learned from Run That Back about compassion and creativity.

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At what point did the light bulb go off that you could stay engaged with fans while in lockdown?

When this happened, I was in the middle of scoring my Netflix movie and in the process of building my app [Sodo

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First 5 Orange County analysis reveals shortage of child-care options for working families

First 5 Orange County analysis reveals shortage of child-care options for working families

Many of Orange County’s working families face extraordinary difficulties securing childcare, particularly for infants and toddlers, as few licensed spots exist and waiting lists for full-day care options grow longer by the day.

Meanwhile, parents who do manage to find full-time licensed care pay an average of about $15,650 annually for one child and more than $26,000 for two — the latter of which constitutes approximately 26% of their average household income.

Those and other concerning statistics were recently uncovered in an analysis directed by First 5 Orange County’s Children and Families Commission, which found massive shortages in childcare options, especially for children under age 2, and a growing need among parents for affordable care.

Kim Goll, First 5 Orange County president and chief executive, said Tuesday the agency has historically focused on the importance of early brain development in preparing children for kindergarten.

But when the group was recently preparing a strategic plan to chart a course for advocacy and support in the years ahead, childcare came up as an area that could use a closer look.

“We had some early indications the current system wasn’t meeting the needs. We also knew there was a tremendous wait list for subsidized childcare that started to hint at a real problem,” Goll said. “This was our first attempt to really look at what does childare look like?”

A small team of analysts sought to understand the availability and types of care offered in Orange County, as well as the flow of public funding for such programs and key providers and partners within the sector.

Their work was conducted from November to February. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic, when nearly half of countywide childcare providers closed their programs between mid-March and early June, even as essential employees reported to work.


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one hundred and one Best Aspect Business Concepts To Start While Working A Full

one hundred and one Best Aspect Business Concepts To Start While Working A Full

Business news,Business daily,Business ideas,Business insider,Business letter,Business line,Business plan,Business proposal,Business times,Business world,Online businessEvery little thing that that you must know to begin your individual business. Hardware and software vendors are working furiously to deliver new VR merchandise to the market and the trade is rising at a parabolic price – in line with statista by 2020 the worldwide measurement of the VR market will be in excess of $forty billion. Internet advertising (really) began in the earlier 1990.s. One of the simplest ways to build up in your new enterprise idea is to point out how beneficial your product is. You may usually submit videos in your weblog or social media of crazy occasions that happened but were caught on sprint cams.

Many are junk, but some can generate value for you, making it a robust potential business idea when you’ve got a watch for recognizing the diamond within the tough That is why, like shares, they are bought and sold on a regular basis You should buy and sell websites as a side business thought in the hope of producing future earnings based mostly on their consumer site visitors, current income consumption, area name, or another factors that might be a hidden money cow everybody else has neglected.

Take a look at one among my most gifted friends, Jory Mackay , for an example of someone who’s doing an incredible job of positioning himself as a premium service-provider with his freelance writing side enterprise idea. Then once you’re prepared to start cold emailing potential purchasers, choose up my free downloadable freelance proposal template and get began right now.

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