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NY Jets fall to 0-5 as Cardinals blowout makes it worse for Adam Gase

NY Jets fall to 0-5 as Cardinals blowout makes it worse for Adam Gase



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EAST RUTHERFORD — The New York Jets got a key player back on Sunday. They had a backup quarterback on the field that they specifically signed because he would give them a chance to win if he ever needed to play. And they faced an Arizona Cardinals team that continued to struggle.

But none of it mattered. The Jets weren’t good enough to stay in the game, even in their own building. 

The Cardinals cruised past the Jets 30-10 at MetLife Stadium, as New York fell to 0-5, further turning up the pressure on embattled coach Adam Gase.

It’s the first time the Jets have gone winless in their first five games since 1996, when Rich Kotite was the coach. The Jets finished that season 1-15 and more than two decades later, the mere mention of Kotite continues to evoke anger from Jets fans.

This year’s team seems destined for a similar record and Gase for a similar place in Jets history: the Jets are 7-14 under Gase, with six losses by 20 points ore more. They’ve lost all of their games this season by at least two possessions.

“We’ve got to go back to work, we’ve got to learn from this film,” Gase said. “We’ve got to figure out a way to play a full 60 minutes. We need all three phases playing well together. It’s just like, one side’s playing well, the other side’s not.Then we finally started getting something going and then we fall apart on the other side. And we’re just not giving ourselves a chance to be there in the end.” 

Starting quarterback Sam Darnold missed the game with a shoulder, but veteran quarterback Joe Flacco couldn’t do anything to spark the Jets offense, completing 18-of-35

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Years of low interest rates made the current economic crisis worse, Fed’s Rosengren says

Years of low interest rates made the current economic crisis worse, Fed’s Rosengren says

  • Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren said years of low interest rates that encouraged risk-taking are making the current economic downturn worse.
  • He specifically cited “low rates persisting for an extended period even after the economy has made progress in the recovery” that can create problems.

Eric S. Rosengren wearing a suit and tie smiling and looking at the camera: The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's President and CEO Eric S. Rosengren

© Provided by CNBC
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s President and CEO Eric S. Rosengren

Years of low interest rates led to excessive risk taking in commercial real estate and will make the current economic downturn even more severe, Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren said Thursday.


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The central bank official said he expects a wave of defaults and bankruptcies to hit that will aggravate an unemployment problem that has hit lower-wage workers disproportionately.

Regulatory authorities, he added, should have been able to see conditions building up that would make any unexpected crisis worse.

“Clearly a deadly pandemic was bound to badly impact the economy,” Rosengren said. “However, I am sorry to say that the slow build-up of risk in the low-interest-rate environment that preceded the current recession likely will make the economic recovery from the pandemic more difficult.”

The Fed has been at the center of the coronavirus pandemic crisis response, slashing already-low interest rates and implementing a slew of programs to ensure market functioning and lend money to areas of the economy in need.

In recent days, it has adapted an even more dovish approach to monetary policy, pledging not to raise rates even if inflation runs above the Fed’s preferred 2% target.

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein on monetary policy



A loose Fed also often finds itself the target during times of excess, like the financial crisis and the dotcom bubble. Rosengren’s remarks reflected concern about the consequences of the low rates that

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