The Security Service of Ukraine reported on life hacks used by Russian soldiers

VALENTYNA ROMANENKO – FRIDAY, 6 MAY 2022, 13:38 Russian soldiers are coming up with their own “life hacks” so as not to die in the war in Ukraine. Source: Security Service of Ukraine Quote: “To do this, you need to pour sand into the fuel, so that the tank does not start. And if the command is given to attack on foot [as infantry], just tell the Ruscist commander to go ‘in the direction of the ship’. [The missile cruiser Moskva, along with the Russian Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Vasily Bykov, were the ones who threatened the defenders of Ukraine’s Snake Island. In response to the Russian aggressors’ demand to surrender, the border guards responded with a phrase that has become legendary – “Russian warship go f**k yourself! “] According to new Security Service of Ukraine intercepts, the occupiers are willing to share these life hacks. “The fighters slip sand into the fuel system, into the tanks, so as not to have to go on the attack! I don’t follow stupid orders, I just refuse! He [the commander] f**king sent me to the tanks, f**king moron. I just told him, f**k it, and that’s it…”, said the Russian occupier to his mate. The latter wonders if [people] are being punished for such behaviour. Hearing “no” in response, he thinks about repeating the ‘life hack’ in his own unit.”