Ukraine’s security service reveals Russian invaders’ chatting about mass riots

Russian invaders fear a fight with Ukrainian forces

Russia’s war against Ukraine – the main events of May 12

According to a post by the SBU in Telegram messenger, in order to restore order to its units, Russia has sent “experienced punishers” to Ukraine, such as General (Rustam) Muradov, known for his brutality after commanding a joint Russian force in Syria.

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The SBU says that he is arranging “show trials,” but even that is having little effect on Russia morale.

“Well, Muradov came and arranged a show trial because no one wanted to advance,” the invader told his father.

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“The company commanders did not want to send their soldiers to their deaths. And the guys themselves were not ready. He (Muradov) theatrically punished the company commanders yesterday, stripped them, they emptied their pockets, he tied their hands behind their backs, loaded them into trucks and took them away.”

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But despite these shows, the reluctant company commanders were later returned to their posts.

Russia has been facing a considerable manpower shortage, especially among the officer corp, exacerbated both by targeted Ukrainian strikes against officers and the lack of available officers pre-invasion.