Why Clearcover is the clear auto insurance choice for millennials


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Adults in their twenties and thirties are now facing the same financial responsibilities their parents once did as they become homeowners, car owners, and insurance holders. While these financial matters can seem complicated, millennial adults have the added benefit of improved mobile apps to simplify banking, money transfers, and now, auto insurance.

Clearcover Car Insurance offers just that: clear, comprehensive, and affordable auto coverage at a better price than its competitors. “Clear” also describes how easy it is to use Clearcover’s digital platform: everything from purchasing your policy to managing an insurance claim can be done through their user-friendly mobile app.

Clearcover simply designed an app that makes sense to millennials: these days, there’s no need for in-person agents and phone calls when we do pretty much everything from our smartphones. And if you can do something that’s easier and a better value, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a price markup just for an insurance agent.

Mobile apps that allow users to make their own educated financial decisions aren’t so new: Robinhood makes stock market investment simple by allowing you to invest directly in the market through a mobile app. That strategy works for this generation of adults: Robinhood has over 2 million views in Apple’s App Store, and it enjoys a 4.8-star rating. Similarly, Clearcover enjoys 4.7 stars from nearly 1,000 satisfied customers in the Apple App Store. Over and over, user reviews describe Clearcover as “the best insurance ever”, with user Sobhan H. saying, “I am honestly really surprised to see that Clearcover is not the #1 insurance app on App Store.”

Sobhan says that he is saving over $250 a month on car insurance just by switching to Clearcover, proving that it’s both easier and more affordable to make the switch at any time. Despite the savings, there’s no compromise in quality or customer service: it’s just that much more cost-effective to go virtual.

There’s no need to be stuck with an insurance policy when you can change companies at any time with the click of a button. For people who prefer to educate themselves and take financial matters into their own hands, there’s only one auto insurance app that makes sense. Offering better coverage for the best price possible, Clearcover is the clear choice for the savvy millennial car owner.

*Note: Clearcover is currently available in only eight U.S. states.

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